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Our Values


This comes first and foremost. We do what we say we'll do, and we'll always be honest with you. This means when evaluating your company we won't try to lure you in with false promises or valuations, and we'll always be quick to say "no" if we are not a good fit for you. Once we invest in a company, we will stand by the promises we made to you. 


We believe hard work and determination are essential to living out our purpose. If you're reading this, you likely agree. We don't stop moving when things get tough, and we'll never give up on a cause we believe in. We never compromise our values. 


Our default position is respect. We believe all people deserve respect until they prove otherwise. This applies to employees, customers, and complete strangers. We approach all interactions with humility because we believe each person contributes something unique, and we always have room to learn something new.


We believe in the power of free markets to deliver better products and services that make everyone better off, and our goal is to grow a business that leverages that power. However, we know that sometimes outside circumstance or mistakes can leave people in tough situations. It's our goal to use our business as a platform to improve the lives of others, including our employees, their families, and the community around us. Generosity isn't just about giving away money, it's a mindset about how to spend our time and energy to do the most good.

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