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Dan Kish

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I'm the founder of Apamnak, though the name and the meaning have existed well before me. I'm supported by a great network of mentors and investors who have helped me see the potential to pursue my true purpose and passion in life.

I grew up in the small town Salem, OH. My experiences there and how I was raised have played a huge role in shaping my vision for my life. I've since had unique opportunities to travel the world to solve problems with large and small companies and meet many interesting and talented people. I've continued to learn and adapt along the way, but have always stayed grounded in my early foundation.

My intent with Apamnak is to make a long-term investment in a company that I personally want to run. I know selling your business is no small task, and there are many things to weigh and consider. I know I won't be the right buyer for every business owner. However, if what you've read so far resonates with you, and you think I might be the right fit to help you carry on your legacy, I look forward to the chance to meet you and begin a discussion.

Outside of my pursuit of owning and running a small business, I enjoy helping others to build and improve their companies and spending time in the outdoors hiking, camping, hunting, and snow skiing. I've been blessed with a beautiful and talented wife, Katie, and two awesome kids, Levi and Grace. We currently live in Tampa, FL where we're active members at Radiant Church and doing our best to live our lives to glorify God and share the hope we've found in Jesus.

If you're interested in learning more about my professional background, you can visit my LinkedIn page here.

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