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Our Story


Apamnak [ah-pahm-nahk] means "For My Father" in Hungarian. It's a word that holds special meaning for the Kish family.

A Place

Apamnak is the name of our hunting camp in the mountains in Western Pennsylvania. It's a place where my family has been hunting whitetail deer for generations. The current cabin was constructed in the 1970s and named in honor of my great grandfather, "Pop" Kish. Pop came to America from Hungary as a young man in the early 1900s and laid the foundation for our family today. 

A Legacy

For me, the name Apamnak is a nod to the legacy passed on to me by my great grandfather, my grandfather, and my father. All were great men who lived by the values I still hold dear. Their example and firm but loving guidance taught me how to be a man. Their sacrifices and discipline have enabled me to have some amazing opportunities in life. I'll never take that for granted, and I take seriously my responsibility to pass that legacy on to my children.

A Purpose


And finally, but perhaps most importantly, Apamnak reflects what I view as my purpose in life. It's more than a hunting camp and a human legacy; it's an embodiment of my faith in God and my commitment to lead a business and my life in a way that honors Him, my Heavenly Father. Everything I have, I owe to Him, and I want to be a faithful steward of all that He has provided. In the end, it's all For My Father.

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